Visitors Welcome

or not so welcome-

Every well regarded book about adopting puppies or picking a breeder tells you that you must visit the breeder and the parents to assess for yourself the quality of your future puppy.

I am here to tell you why this is terrible advice and why it won’t happen if you call or email me with a request to visit.

I have always enjoyed sharing my love for the Australian Labradoodle with prospective clients and onlookers.  I stand proudly while you ohhh and ahhhh over the puppies, I must admit that it will never get old to hear the delightful complements.  Except what you don’t understand is the momma dog is not as thrilled to see you.  She is trying to decide how much danger you pose to her babies.  Like a momma lion protecting her young, she is not at all happy with you in her nest.  She is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet when she does not have babies.  When a female becomes a mom their brain switches in to momma lion mode.  You are a stranger, you equal danger to her babies.  The mom starts to become stressed and produces an excess of cortisol (the stress hormone) which poisons her milk.  Puppies nurse off mom and receive high doses of cortisol.  Puppies who are on the receiving end of this cortisol laced milk start to show signs of stress, they become colicky and anxious.  This has a long lasting effect on puppies.. they start to crave the stress hormone and exhibit unwanted behaviors like barking, aggression, anxiety and fear (just to name a few) all the time.  We have just created a crack baby.

Moms need a stable, stress-free environment while their puppies are young.  Visitors knocking on the door, strange voices, unknown fast moving children and their laughter is not well received.  The momma dog now feels very threatened.  Your visit was not good for her or her puppies.

The health and welfare of our mommas and her puppies come before your need to look at our puppies and our adult dogs.  Our visitation policy is clearly stated on our Contact Us page, if you attempt to contact me and ask “is it OK to come over and see our dogs” or “visit our facility” the answer is No.  Below is what happened when someone ignored my instructions during a visit.  Mom became startled, jumped up quickly to see who was in our home causing puppies to scatter, she accidentally stepped on this baby and her toenail caused a laceration that required immediate emergency veterinary treatment.  Other breeders have lost puppies because a mom accidentally landed on them.

Baby Girl in portable incubatorVet Attending to PuppyWoundWound PrepAntibioticWaiting for wound to dryThe Vet inspeciting site a little closer   Making sure the wound is closed up


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